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Full Beard leather strap allows your camera to slide freely so you won’t miss your next shoot.

Features a comfortable shoulder grip. Carry your gear securely in any environment: outdoors, sport events, fashion shows, weddings.

Handcrafted in Italy with vegetable tanned leather.

Sizing suggestions: 
Those are our sizing suggestions:
All those persons of heights included between 1,75 to 1,85 meters are in-between the two sizes, this depend on the body shape.
All those persons above 1,85 m are suggested to purchase an “L”
Whilst all those persons below 1,75 are suggested to purchase an “S/M”.
All our straps can be adjusted with a belt concept system where you have a buckle and few regulations holes, in light of that:
The size S/M If worn in the largest position will be similar sized to an L
And the size L if worn in the tightest position will be similar sized to an S/M.

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