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William Klein

He was born in New York in 1928 to a Jewish family, William Klein -in these months- is on show in Milan with a retrospective conceived and curated by Alessandra Mauro.

During his career Klein tried to sweep across several artistic forms: all started from his passion for painting that led him to move from New York to Paris, only to return after a few years in his hometown for the realization of his photographic diary.

In the 40's he decided to follow Fellini in Rome, working as an assistant while in the first 50's he' ll be dedicated exclusively to the movies,  making several films.

In the 80's, back to photography and publishes several books at the same time, exposing all over the world and received several awards and recognitions.

Now his masterpieces are finally on show in Milan at the Palazzo della Ragione, which will exhibit 150 works from his personal archive and extracts from films he directed like the one dedicated to the great Cassius Clay.

9 sections, including some dedicated to street photography in Milan, Paris, New York and Moscow, in addition to its abstract and geometric works.

Moreover one of the sections of his exhibition will be dedicated to fashion and how he managed to subvert the traditional approach of bringing the models in the street is also considered an innovator of fashion photography. He having worked a long time for Vogue America magazine and for this reason he presents with the show the first pictures taken with the first technical innovations such as the use of telephoto, wide angle or the open flash.

From 17 June to 11 September: an exhibition not to be missed, of a tireless and multifaceted artist as Klein, who -nowadays- can be considered as the creator and teacher of Street Photography in the World.