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wedding and glamour workshop – isole egadi

“A bunch of white little houses appear magically on the horizon, nestled in an island blissfully layed on a deep blue see. A sea full of history, passed down legends and enriched by the time…..”

It’s here, in Marettimo, where the workshop takes place. It has been the star attraction, for many Italian photographers, for several years now. They have the chance to absorb their souls and bodies in the photography, living deep experiences and emotions. Because it is not a commonplace to have a workshop in. Here you can walk in the tiny streets, seeing the few fishermen left, looking at you oddly. Here you are surrounded by the sea so incredibly beautiful that it leads you to think, to reflect on your own life…on the beauty of the nature. Here you find yourself, you can magically touch your soul. And then there is the night… so magic the night… a deep quite broken by the noise of the sea, you look at this magnificence, those stars… they seem so close here! you can sit down on the rocks and you get lost on the infinite dark. It’s not just about photography classes, but if you can listen… it’s a life lesson.”