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Walking in the history of the 1st World War

It was 1915 when Italy officially became part of the First World War, and it has been exactly 100 years since that day.

One of the protagonists of this battle was just the Monte Grappa, where the Italians built their defensive line. The Grappa Massif is placed on the chain of the Venetian Pre- Alps between the Venetian valley to the south and center-alpine territories to the north, very closed to Bassano del Grappa.

The top  of this mountain, the sides of individual mountains, valleys and even today these countries retain many memories, traces and evidence of this happening. Above all, there is still alive memory of the terrible battle that have been fought and that have transformed the Monte Grappa in the "sacred mountain of the Motherland".

To mark the centenary of this War created a historic itinerary called "Trekking from the Valley of Santa Felicita to the sacrarium of Monte Grappa on the paths of the soldiers of Grappa", a route to the most significant places of the southern side of the Grappa.

It seems like a real outdoor museum where even today in the path you can find some remains of the Great War.

Of course at the end of the long and challenging hike you reach the Sacrarium of Cima Grappa also known as Ossuary holds the remains of 5,405 soldiers killed in the struggle.

Panning shot of The Military Sacrarium of Monte Grappa