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The Venice Carnival

There are no better days to visit Venice if not during the famous carnival.

This year from January 23th to February 9th, every day can be perfect to spend some times between gondolas, calle, the famous Venetian boulevards, and traditional masks.
As every year, there are a lot of events for young and not young, that delight visitors from around the World with concerts, shows and even beautiful fireworks in the Venetian lagoon.

And for the art lovers Venice is definitely the richest city of art and culture in Italy, given the numerous open-air museums and not, in the capital of Veneto.
The big event was inaugurated last weekend with a masked parade on the Grand Canal of Venice and which was accompanied by a strange performance with a piano suspended played by the musician Paul Zanarella.

Watch the video:


For the lucky ones on the Venetian Palace of the 15th century located on the left bank of the Grand Canal, will host for the occasion, the "Grand Carnival Masquerade Ball" which is the most prestigious and glamorous masquerade ball with artistic events of great talent and amazing improvisations .
An unforgettable night where you can taste delicious and sumptuous dishes at the gala dinner, sipping fine Italian wine and ending the night with dancing until the first hours of the morning; all strictly masked.

A mysterious experience, unique in its kind, in a beautiful place overlooking the lagoon of one of the most beautiful city in the world.
To learn more, visit the official site of the Carnival of Venice by clicking this link.