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The Harry's bar

“You have not been to Venice if you have not been to 'Harry's Bar”  they say. The iconic cafè of Mr. Cipriani where a lot of important people went, from Hemingway to Callas, and Sophia Loren to Naomi Campbell.

Not just a place where you can taste a delicious "Bellini" and enjoy a good “carpaccio”, the Harrys Bar has become a national monument since 2001 when it was declared a National Heritage of the Ministry of Culture.

The history of “Harrys Bar” was born in the 30's, precisely in 1929 when a young student named Harry Pickering, who went to Venice with her aunt for groped to heal from alcoholism, was planted by the same after an argument with very little money in his pocket . Giuseppe Cipriani, who was the bartender in “Hotel Europe” in Venice where the boy accommodated, paid 10,000 pounds (large sum for the time) to allow the young man to return to his homeland, America.

A couple of years later the adventure of the young Harry, rehabilitated from alcoholism, once again returned to Venice with the intention of finding Cipriani and return the sum which he graciously given to the young Harry that time.

Found Cipriani, Harry gave back not only those famous 10,000 Lire but further 30,000 Lire  so the barman could open their own cafè activity.

On 13 May 1931 Cipriani opened his new cafè "Harry's Bar" in honor of his benefactor, since then every Friday local boasts dizzying numbers.

The Harry's Bar is a small space of about 50 square meters next to the most beautiful square in the world, a few round tables, comfortable chairs that seem tailor-made for local, including cutlery and glasses in miniature.

Hemingway loved Harry's Bar and every time he was staying in Venice booked a small table in a corner for his own.

Slowly over the years the cafè has also become one of the renowed restaurant where initially you could taste traditional dishes  til now that it’s became one of the most elegant and most famous restaurants in the world.

Who entering for the first time to 'Harry's Bar can not even go back for the second time, thanks to the hospitality and the special elegance that distinguishes it and that make it the Italian cafè / restaurant  for excellence.