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The art of barbering


Barberino's is an exclusive barber shop located in Italy, precisely in the center of Milan. A magical place where you can sit in the typical and comfortable leather barber chair and be pampered by the expert hands of barbers.

Shaving or classic cuts for men, from manicures to precious face treatments with hot towels, from Barberino's you'll be followed and you'll have precious advices by experts barbers and at the same time you can live a unique experience in a place where time seems to stand still.

Barberino's is located in a historic building of the eighteenth century, a place situated at the right distance from the caotic city centre; a sophisticated, elegant and above all sought place which can become a milestone for gentlements who have the necessity to escape from the everyday routine life and dedicate a little bit of time to themselves taking care of their aspect.

Barberino's not only a comfortable place to enjoy a moment of relax, it is also the continuation of an Italian tradition and of one of the oldest and precious jobs of the italian history.


Copyright Barberino’s – Classic Italian Barber, Milano.