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The 10 most beautiful Summer Concerts in Europe

With June is officialy opened the season for all those are travelers and music lovers at the same time: 10 concerts that run through the mean European cities from Spain to Denmark, if you're visiting one of these countries you can not miss one of these incredible concerts.

The first in chronological order is the Primavera Sound in Barcelona which will be held in June  from 1 to 5 by hosting groups of all musical genres from hip-hop to experimental music.

Simultaneously with the Primavera Sound Festival, always in Barcelona there will be the Sonar Festival which will be held, from 21 editions, a lot of electronic music lovers.

In the beautiful Oporto be held the Nos Primavera Sound, the Portuguese version of the Spring Sound of Barcelona from June 9 to 11 in which will also perform the queen of pop, Madonna.

From June 24 to 26 in Germany there will be the famous Hurricane Festival: an itinerant festival that will place in most of the city to the south of Germany.

Always in Germany, but this time in the Nürburgring race track, will take place from June 3 to 5, the Rock am Ring, a must for the rockers and the metalheads.

Moreover in England, there will be the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts: a music festival and performances held in Pilton, about 10 km from Glastonbury in Somerset England from June 22 to 26, where artists such as Adele, Coldplay and Muse will perform in the most expected European musical stage.

Also in England the Download Festival which takes place in the grounds of Castle Donington in Derby, for heavy-metal music lovers ; and finally in Isle of Wight 9 to 12 June takes place the Isle of Wight Festival.

Famous is also the InMusic festival in Zagreb, a very charming place for all who like camping. And finally in Denmark, in a small town near Copenhagen, is held every year the Roskilde Festival for all fans of hip hop and R & B.