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Poli: The grappa of Vicenza

Since 1898 the Poli Distillery in Bassano del Grappa, produces handmade one of the finest grappa of the Italian territory and not only.

A job, but also a tradition and a passion that has been passed through a lot of ancient Venetian families, and nowadays, is one of the pride not only of the Bassano area, but throughout the region.

Grappa is one of an undisputed Italian heritage recognized and unique all around the world, and also proudly exported to many foreign countries.

In particular the worldwide success of grappa is in its own ancient traditions of working with the traditional method of "alambicco": a large copper container heated with steam and only loaded from fresh marc, just beaten.

The area from which the grapes harvest stretches from Bassano del Grappa to the hills of Breganze and Marostica, always lands suitable for cultivation of the grapes and the production of grappa.

The goal of the Poli family is to gather the love, dedication and efforts in a bottle of distillate, and letting it taste all around the world and from many people as possible in order to making the unique italian taste well known.

And to recognize the real authenticity, the Poli family has decided to dedicate to the grappa a real museum, located in the heart of the city of Bassano and closed to the historic Ponte Vecchio, to understand what makes it one of the precious distillate in the world.

A collection of about 1600 volumes available to the visitors that tells from the most ancient to the most modern distillation methods, in addition to the ancient collection of rare bottles from the first half of 900.

To know the whole story of this Italian excellence visit: