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One of the most beautiful bookshop in the world is located in Italy, precisely in the center of Bassano del Grappa

Palazzo Roberti bookshop is an important landmark for the city that hosts it and for the surrounding area. Opened in 1998, the year he found his ideal home in an eighteenth-century palace, owned by the Manfrotto family who still manages the displaced inside it, a unique example in Italy of great independent bookstore. The elegant architectural context is spread over three floors, two of which - the ground floor and the mezzanine - are for the display and sale of books. The main floor, however, in addition to some rooms, has a living room whose restoration has brought new light to the splendid frescoes that decorate the walls.

Not a simple bookshop.....

Not only a bookshop.. Palazzo Roberti is also a place to meet authors, doing conference, listen classical music concerts and see exhibitions of photography; an elegant and refined place ready to welcome all lovers of reading and not only!

The Stationery Shop

The stationery shop is a new space that gives you the chance to express yourself and your creativity and find a wide selection of prestigious brands, valued and never predictable.

The actuality of the authentic

Unique is the atmosphere you can breathe at Palazzo Roberti, a precious historical and architectural context but really current thanks to the many events each month populate the bookshop not only of adults but also very young people; a place almost enchanted to escape from reality for a moment and immerse yourself in a timeless place ...