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50 years of shots, 50 years of Italian excellence.

Oliviero Toscani: his name reminds strong and shock images, which in most cases have caused disapproval and disgust also arousing polemics and very contentious issues, but which unknowingly have created a new way to communicate through photography creating a new language.

"Conformity is the worst enemy of creativity, anyone who is unable to take risks cannot be a creative"  says the great Oliviero famous  in the worldwide for taking advertising campaigns for major fashion magazines such as Elle, Vogue and GQ.

Nowadays, the 70 years old Milanese man, boasts a huge number of successes and recognitions internationally and also a different number of censures, one of the last campaign of "shockvertising" created for the brand of clothing Ra-Re that portrayed in different situations everyday a couple of men, even in homosexual attitudes.

Themes for society of yesterday and today represented the taboo as racism, violence, disease, and hatred have been interpreted over the years by Toscani through art "subversive", sometimes blasphemous but undoubtedly real and concrete.

"More than 50 years of magnificent failures" that's the name of the last book of the great Italian photographer, where he tells the best of his career as a photographer, and as his images have become icons now helping to create the identity of some of the most famous brands in the fashion industry.