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No boundaries

Steve McCurry is considered about 30 years to be one of the most influential photographers of the contemporary photography Word. His ability to manipulate light and shadow, empathy and humanity that is able to convey with his shots means that his photographs, once admired, remain imprinted in the mind as if they were unforgettable.

No boundaries”:  This is the name of the exhibition of McCurry’s retrospective to be held in Pordenone from February 27 to June 12 in Harry Bertoia Gallery.

The Gallery will present 120 pictures of the most successful photographer of the last years and the winner in his career of countless prestigious international awards.

The exhibition was created with the intention of offering a symbolic journey through its 40 years of photography and that McCurry called "No boundaries”.

A free exhibition that combines different places and times and that leaves the visitor free to move and go around creating his own path independently.

An unmissable event for all the photography lovers and love strong, powerful, incisive pictures, and that tells not only a Country or a traditions almost extinct, but spread the most important thing, what a lens and especially the eyes are not able to see as the human element and the “essence” of existence.