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To win the award for The Best Restaurant in the World is an Italian chef named Massimo Bottura and who, with his Osteria Francescana in Modena, won the highest award ever in the culinary's World.

The award ceremony took place in New York on 14th June, and 4 were the Italians enlisted on the "World's 50 best restaurants 2016" list.

The merit of this honor, says Chef Massimo, is not only due to the goodness of his dishes, but also by the innovation, sustainability and the research of raw materials, which are the basic ingredients of the highest quality and that only Italian agriculture can offer so excellent.

Not necessarily Nouvelle Cusine, the dishes that you can taste at the Osteria Francescana proudly embrace the traditions of Romagna region proposing simple and extremely tasty dishes such as boiled meat and the tortellini in soup.

Sensorial experiences of Bottura's restaurant are not limited to the palate, but also involving the smell and sight through the  pleasant atmosphere and the environment minimal and humble composed only by 12 seats.

The use of the term "Franciscan" in the name of this restaurant however, is due by the same desire to Bottura to create a place that is distinctive but at the same time sustainable and providing to all, no exclusion, to eat a good food. At the Expo Bottura was the promoter of Caritas Ambrosiana offering to all the poor people a full meal with healthy and high nutritional content; an opportunity that will be repeated for the Olympic Games 2016 at Rio.

The one of Bottura is a new original way to express love for art, for culture and for the all people around the world.

Certainly this award was a wonderful triumph not only for the chef who was already well known, around but also for all the Italian people that, for the first time this year has done justice to all those products which, with love and dedication are grown, matured and harvested in the beautiful Italy.