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Hope for new life

The World Press Photo 2016 is the most important contest of photojournalism that every year, from 59 years, is organized by the World Press Photo Foundation of Amsterdam.

This year was attended by 5,775 photojournalists from 128 different nations, and were 82.951 topical pictures has been submitted to the jury, consisting of international photography experts.

42 photographers have been awarded, but the photo of the year award was given to the Australian photographer Warren Richardson who, with his picture entitled Hope for new life, shows the dramatic situation of migrants from Serbia and Hungary through the shoot of a man that help a child to pass through the barbed wire that lies on the border between the two countries.

Richardson is a freelance photographer based in Budapest, Hungary. To take this picture has stayed five days at the border, as well as refugees, playing hide and seek with the police. When he took the photo were the 3 am and he couldn't use flash for not be discovered by the police, the only light he had available was the moonlight..

Among the winners are also two Italian: Dario Mitidieri won third prize in the category "People" with the photo "Lost Family Portraits" on a family of Syrian refugees in a Lebanese refugee camp and Francesco Zizola instead finished second in the category "Contemporary issues "with the project "In the Same Boat" on a wooden fishing boat that crossed the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy carrying more than 500 migrants.

All these amazing photos will be exhibited in Rome at the Museo di Roma in Trastevere from 29 April to 29 May 2016, and Milan from May 8 to June 5 at the Galleria Carla Sozzani of Corso Como.

1st award People category

Matic Zorman, Slovenia

Waiting to register 

Refugee children covered in rain capes wait in line to be registered. Most refugees who crossed into Serbia continued their journey north, towards countries of the European Union.

1st award Daily Life category

Kevin Frayer; Canada; 

China's Coal Addiction

Chinese men pull a tricycle in an area closed to a coal-fired power plant. Air pollution is estimated to contribute to around 17 percent of all deaths in China, and a heavy dependence on burning coal for energy has made China the source of nearly a third of the world’s CO2 emissions.


1st award Nature category

Rohan Kelly, Australia, Daily Telegraph

Storm front on Bondi Beach

A massive "tsunami cloud" hanging over Sydney, while a woman sunbathing and reading a book, unaware of to the cloud that comes close to Bondi Beach.

1st award Sport category

Christian Walgram, Austria, GEPA

FIS World Championships

Czech skier Ondrej Bank crashes during the downhill portion of the alpine combined contest, at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. Bank stumbled and lost control just before the final jump. He was hospitalized with concussion and facial injuries.