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Buglioni Winery, wine as passion


All started in 1993 when Alfredo Buglioni, successful textile businessman and owner of several  clothing stores in Italy, bought a house in the renowned Veronese hills of Valpolicella becoming so seduced by the charm of the vineyard.

The Valpolicella area is known by many to be the "father" of some of the most full-bodied red wines and loved the world such as Amarone and Ripasso.

What is most interesting about this story is that today the Buglioni Winery not only stopped with  the production of these wines, but has made a big step forward by opening an inn in the center of Verona from the impression to promote the traditional culture of this wine.

Osteria del Bugiardo (Liar’s inn), this is the strange name by which the well-known businessman  from Verona has called this place for years populates Corso Porta Borsari, famous side of Piazza delle Erbe.

An unusual name for an ancient Osteria but that hides a funny story:

“The Liar” in fact is also the name of the label Valpolicella Ripasso cellar Buglioni, name that was suggested by an expert sommelier tasting the "Ripasso" complimented for its characteristics and for the incredible goodness confusing for Amarone. Informed that it was not an Amarone but rather a Ripasso, his exclamation was:

"If not then a Amarone is a wine liar"

Mr. Alfredo surprised by the exclamation deciding to call the Ripasso "Liar"; in a few years it becomes a symbol of the winery and resort related Buglioni.

Today the winery boasts several local Buglioni around the Verona area, such as the mentioned  and more famous “Osteria del Bugiardo” located in the center of Verona but also the ”Locanda del Bugiardo”, “La dimora del Bugiardo”, “L’osteria del Bugiardo”in Villafranca and one in Negrar .

Verona is not only the city of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, or the city's majestic Arena, but also the city where you can enjoy the tradition of one of the Venetian wines more appreciated internationally.

(cantine Buglioni,