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Biennale Arte Dolomiti 2016

On May 29 was inaugurated at the Messner Mountain Museum, also called the Museum in the clouds, the Biennale Arte Dolomiti that will host in the ex military station in Cibiana di Cadore, a wonderful high ground exhibition.

Many are the names that stand out from the list and many nations represented, but one in particular is that one has received the most votes; we are talking of the famous Japanese Yoko Ono, who on the occasion of the biennial will present Nutopia: a conceptual country  of a dream peace, It was founded in 1973 by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, citizens and ambassadors of the United States itself. To represent it, in all its powerful nonexistence, will Yoko Ono to the Messner Mountain Museum.

Nutopia born precisely on April 1, 1973, the union of new and topos, a place with no land, no membership and absolutely free; an island that is the destination for an escape, a hippie dream where the only things you need are peace, freedom and love.

"The Neverland" was officially announced in a press conference and with an official document, and now until October 2, 2016, will be exposed and narrated by John Lennon's muse in Italy.

Besides Yoko Ono other 31 nations of sixteen artists will exhibit their works at 2183 meters high; a way to combine art, culture and nature in an international exhibition in places that for years have been the scenario of the 1st World War, and that thanks to the Biennale and the Messner Mountain Museum became a prodigious scenarios and a "hymn to love" for the environmental heritage.