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Ai Weiwei exhibition

On September 23rd, doors of the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, will open to the public, for the awaited exhibition of contemporary art of the Chinese and one of the most important  designer Ai Weiwei.

Ai Weiwei has made quite a stir in the last 10 years due to his activism in the field of human rights and against restrictive Chinese government. His works have been censored from the beginning and he was imprisoned, convicted, deprived of his rights, and even deprived from his passport.

From 2012, once he received his passport, Ai Weiwei began to look beyond to China and started travelling the world bringing with them the will to defend the weak from oppression of society.

A "hot topic" such as the migration of a lot of people across the Mediterranean trying to reach the European coasts, is dealt by the artist with the installation of 22 orange life rafts attached to the windows of the Palazzo Strozzi, as a claim of the tragedies experienced by those who are forced to brave with such an inhumane trip.

Defiant against the restrictive policy and the regime, every work of the exhibition "Free" open until January the 22nd, is inspired by themes related to social and political issues.

In particular, the exhibition traces the most representative works of the artist's career, from the New York period of 80 years and 90 to the latest most provocative works such as portraits of political dissidents made with Lego.

Vienna, Like lotus flowers

Berlin, #SafePassage

Alcatraz island, The freedom of expression of Lego