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"L'altro sguardo"

From October the 3rd Triennale of Milan gathered the works of 50 authors, from different generations, showing half a century of photographs shotted by women from the sixties to today.

The exhibition entitled "L' altro sguardo". Italian photographers 1965 -2015 " is nothing more than a tribute to all the female photographers who, from the sixties to today thanks to their cameras told crucial moments of fifty years of Italian history: from the political changes to the shifts in aesthetic canons, from the deeds of Mafia to worker and student struggles, from the disastrous conditions of mental hospitals in the demonstrations feminists; in other words the collective history of our country told from a different point of view as it can be the one of a woman.

For a long time photography was a men's practice, as if only man could tell what was going on outside. Women have struggled to get into photojournalism, and in the art in general; but fortunately brave women like Letizia Battaglia, Paola Agosti, Lisetta Carmi were able to show that even the female eye could do much.

At the exhibition are exposed over fifty photographs and photo-books which restore the centrality and recognition to the female photographers, the artists that have not always been valued as they deserved.
At the show will also see the multimedia installation "Speaking with you", taken from the book of John Chiti and Lucia Covi, who through thirty screens hosts interviews and photographs of the exhibited authors.

The exhibition was created thanks to the partnership between the Milan Triennale and the MuFoCo, Museum of Contemporary Photography in Cinisello Balsamo and will be open to the public until January 8th, 2017.

To learn more, visit the official website: