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"605 prepared dc-motors, cardboard boxes"

Zimoun is the Swiss artist who plays with the music and architecture in order to create installations from immersive effects.

He's self-taught, obsessed from the object's simplicity, movements and sounds generated by them, and continues to oppose stoically to the dictatorship of the new media and technology, reminding us how as an artist can transform the surroundings's perception.

He says about his works "listen what you see

The works of Zimoun will be exhibit in Modena from October 22nd to March 5th, 2017: five rooms for five operas, five living organisms that move by themselves, "speak" and inhabit the space. The harmony of this game is naturally entrusted to the sound that sets a subtle and unusual relationship with the volumes. Minimalist structures, made with simple objects of everyday use but assembled with the genius of an engineer and an artist able to artistically transform the perception of what surrounds us.

The main protagonists of this exhibition will be boxes of cardboard, cotton balls, metal cables and wooden accompanied by mechanical systems that generate sounds and noises. So you will need to use your imagination, as well as hearing, to interact with the works themselves.

Furthermore, on the occasion of the opening night, even the same Zimoun will perform on October 22 in a multi-channel performance, and in a completely dark room to allow the maximum sound immersion.

Obviously the show is already sold-out! But you can find out more about the performance of one of the most famous "artist's sound" on his video channel.