The retrospective of Jeff Koons

Jeffrey Koons, knowns as well as Jeff Koons, is an American designer and artist of the neo-pop or post-popart, who has spent the last decades in the research and the testing of a new art, using many different materials and many mediums, from painting to sculpture, from photography to installations becoming renowed for its inflatable  "Balloon Dog" now exhibited in the main city in the world from New York to Paris and from Florence to Basilea.

And it is in Paris, more precisely at the Centre Pompidou, where the successor of Andy Warhol, has set up its second largest and most complete exhibition after the one of the Big Apple.

A heavy weight, the illusion of withholding escape from the weight of clichés, kitsch, constantly questioning the consumer society, this is the' air you breathe on the second floor of the Pompidou Centre where it was staged the exhibition.

A traveling exhibition that will visit the most important capitals around the world, clicking on the link on the footer to keep updated about the new exhibitions.

A unique opportunity to see live the banality of modern life embodied by the protagonist of our times and a hedonistic artist who tries to make every show a place where everyone should feel comfortable as if we were in a utopian and peaceful society.


"The individual in this society will live in a state of entropy, rest, and will live a pleasant atmosphere with object art beyond any critical dialogue. »

Jeffrey Koons