With Summer was also inaugurated the season of Opera performances at Arena di Verona, and it will going on until the end of August.

The Verona's Arena is the largest and most famous outdoor theater in the world, where every year are staged many of the most popular operas in the world like Aida, Carmen, La Traviata, Turandot and many others.

Unique opportunities to have a nice evening under the stars in a charming environment like the Verona's amphitheater.

The excellent acoustics, the set-up and the amazing scenery of Arena gather each year 20,000 spectators, making Arena one of the most important summer shows.

But the Arena is not just opera, during the whole year many are the famous contemporary music artists that pass through the famous Arena. Artists like Elton John, Maria Callas, Pavarotti and Pink Floyd and, definitely,  the numerous cultural and political events.

Have a look to the scheduling of Arena Opera Festival visiting the web site.